Interesting Facts About Bolivia's Sports

Interesting Facts About Bolivia's Sports

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Same Un Yong Kim (Southbound Korea), Sheik Fahad Al-Sabah (Kuwait) and Joao Havelange (Brazil), José Gamarra Zorrilla was one of the first Athletics body in the Tertiary Class. He played a pupil role in promoting the values of sports in Bolivia and Someone U.s.. José dedicated his experience to attempt against passivity to sports and the bad procedure of the athletes in Bolivia. His region is one of the Gear Domain`s worst countries. Furthermore, Bolivia has had a platter 194 attempted coups. Still, under his leading, individual outside legislature and events were unionised in La Paz, Cochabamba, Oruro and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. José was president of the Organizing Ngo of the La Paz Bolivarian Games (1977) and for the Southwestward Inhabitant Games in Bolivia (1978). As chairperson of the Bolivian Olympic Commission (1970-1982), he led Bolivia to the foremost lead Deutschland. Some South Americans muse José Gamarra Zorrilla as the superior Southbound Land Olympic cheat of the 20th century.

This country had large sportspersons: Mario Martinez (tennis), Alan Saunders (germanic skiing), Milton Coimbra (sport), Maria Ortuno (basketball), Giovanna Morejon Irusta (athletics), Ramiro Benavides (tennis), Suffragist Vocaliser (match), Johnny Pérez (diversion), General Carlos Saunders (nordic skiing), Oswaldo Morejon (itinerary and set), William Arencibia (taekwondo), Erwin Sánchez (sport), Economist Ramos (nordic skiing), Guadalupe Yañez (hoops), Betty Saavedra (hoops), Juan Rodrigo Camacho (recreation), Marco Etcheverry (sport), Katherine Moreno (horizontal), Roberto Nielsen Reyes (equestrian) and Billy Farwing Aranoa (germanic skiing).

Bolivia conveyed 7 sportspeople to the Season Olympic Games in 1988. The Southward Denizen skiers were Manuel Aramayo, Guillermo Avila Paz, Jaime Bascon, Jorge Bejarano, Enrique Montaño, Pedro Tichaver and Luis Vizcarra.

Julia Iriarte is the preeminent Bolivian contestant of all dimension. Why? She won 5 gilded and 3 medal medals at the 1947 Bolivarian Games in Lima, Peru. She became the actor of the Games. Her yellow medals were in the 80m hurdling, disk confound, endeavour put, weeklong actuation and lycee seem. Her homecoming was a vast success . After she was invitational by chair Enrrique Hertzog to the Authorities Fortress (Palacio Quemado). She also won phoebe gold medals in the Southland English Recreation Championships in La Paz in 1948. Under her rig, George Voeg , she broke several someone records during the 1940s. Regrettably, she did

Bolivia participated at the 1979 Spartakiade of the Nations of the Join of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

From 1980 to 1984, the Bolivian governance razed the boast. The Southernmost Dweller athletes were not allowed to contend in the Athletics in 1980. Numerous sportspeople who had drilled for eld for the Games felt uppercase disappointment. Among these athletes were: Johnny Pérez (excerpt and parcel), Luis Dario Vasquez (barrier), Mary Rojas (contest), Director Quiroga (shooting), Linda Spents (grounds and set), Isidro Guarachi (enclosure), Conductor Quispe (enclosure), Edgar Cueto (cycling), Denim Youthful Kim Strain (judo) and Antonieta Arizaga (watery). Ironically, the USSR -host Olympic nation- subsidized Third Grouping's Athletics teams (Tanzania -one of the Continent`s poorest countries- dispatched 41 sportspersons). For political reasons, Bolivia also did not participate in the 1983 Pan Inhabitant Games in Caracas (Venezuela). For the introductory term since 1971, athletes from Bolivia did not took share in the 1978 Southeasterly Indweller Games in La Paz, Bolivia, winning triad metallic medals in athletics, in 1,500m, 5,000m and 3,000m steeplechase.

The La Paz Olympic Structure is one of the most moderne in Someone Land and the Sea. Among the athletes who hold competed in the Athletics Bowl are Romario de Souza Faria (soccer/ Brasil), Joao Carlos de Oliveira (contest /Brazil), José Luis Chilavert (football /Paraguay), Solon Stenier (recreation /Argentina), Edith Noeding (course and field/ Peru) and Carlos Caetano Bledron Verri (soccer/ Brasil).

Giovanna Morejon Irusta destroyed 16th in the 20-kilometer walkway at the 2003 Class Athletics Championships in Paris, Author.

Katherine Moreno was one of the youngest swimmers at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.

The Bolivian group won the gray ribbon at the Southerly Earth Hoops Championship and conditional for the Man Women's Basketball Title in 1978 in Seoul (Southward Korea). Bolivia eligible for a humankind tournament for the opening example.The heroines were: Janeth Blanco Saavedra, Betty Saavedra Zaconeta, Daysy Chucatini Torrico, Liceo Rojas Arteaga, Norma Zambrano Siles, Elizabeth Navia Ledesma, Guadalupe Yañez Heredia, Tania Claros Solon, Antonieta Gudmanson Torres, Book Quiñones Miranda and Vania Claros de Justinino.

Bolivia transmitted only one athlete (Fernando Inchauste Montalvo/ kayak) to the Season Olympics in 1960.

From 1971 to 1979, 500 Bolivian athletes participated in foreign tournaments and competitions.

Like Hortencia Tree de Fatimah Marcari (Brazil) and Carol Turney (Canada), Guadalupe Yañez was one of the unexceeded hoops players in the 1979 Pan Earth Games in San Juan de Puerto Law.

Erwin Terrorist was one of the most key football players in Bolivia in the 1990s.

From 1975 to 1977, statesman than 25 overseas coaches helped to ride Bolivian sportspeople in preparation for the socialism competitions (Olympic Games, Bolivarian Games, Pan English Games and Southland Inhabitant Games). The coaches were: Bornj Wangemann (athletics/ Westernmost Frg), Mike Lucero (basketball/ USA), Saul Gonzalez (basketball/ USA), Stanislav Golubkov (boxing/ USSR), Heriberto Diaz (cycling/ Mexico), Pedro Escobar (rider / Chile), Stanislav Spyra (fencing/ Polska), Walter Madel (fencing/ Writer Deutschland), Eduardo Virba (football/ Westward Germany), Dale Cutler (gymnastics/ USA), Donald Howorth (gymnastics/ USA), Pedro Statesman (gymnastics/ Mexico), Jasuhido Takasuka (judo/ Japan), Benigno Marquez (wrestling/ Venezuela), Karol Czarkoswki (weightlifting/ Poland), Wu Yu Yung (swimming/ Formosa), Yadwiga Czarkoswka (swimming/ Poland), Adolfo Coronado (swimming/ Ecuador), Francis Conway (shooting/ USA), Nicolay Durnev (shooting/ USSR), Cselaw Gajdamovicz (volleyball/ Poland), Tien Heing Hisch (volleyball/ Crockery), Chiu Chiao Chi (volleyball/ China) and Lin Chou Nou (volleyball/ China).

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